Learn to Draw Cartoon Classes

Cartoon workshops drawing class – A small group for beginners to learn comic cartooning tips over two hours.

Bradwell Methodist Church
Tuesdays 10am – 12noon

Newcastle under Lyme, Staffsordshire.


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Kids & Adults
Online Cartoon Classes

Suitable for all ages & abilities >Enquire Tody 🙂

Cartoon Classes - how to draw

Cartoon Workshops & Drawing Classes from Cartoonist Chris Altham

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For those who think they can’t draw, Chris will show them that they definitely can!
Student feedback...

The small-sized classes make it feel like you’re receiving one-to-one tuition, and Chris is always eager to offer constructive feedback and encouragement. He has a knack for breaking down complex techniques into simple, easy-to-follow steps, and his sense of humor keeps everyone engaged and motivated.

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Brilliant cartoon workshops, ideal for; schools, community groups, business events + wellbeing drawing sessions. Learn how to draw cartoons in easy to follow fun creative classes from a guy who’s quick on the draw! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Based in Newcastle / Stoke, Staffordshire, UK

learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Cartoon workshop drawing places are limited so please book early to avoid missing out on a bloomin good cartooning class!

faces expressions cartoon
Mouth cartoons

​​Face to Face + Online Classes

online cartoon drawing classes

Cartooning – the art of drawing the unbelievable, in a way that is believable.

learn to draw cartoons workshop art class

Tuesday cartoon drawing classes for Adults 10am-12pm

learn to draw cartoons workshop art class

Tuesday is a break from the everyday.

learn to draw cartoons workshop art class

Join us for a stress free two hours of cartooning with a friendly bunch of like minded creatives.

Learn to draw cartoons with one of the best cartoonists!

how to draw a ball bouncing cartoon
How to draw a mug in a cartoon style
How to draw cartoon eyes with white highlights

Learn how to draw and sketch cartoon comic characters in a fun filled art class.

I’ll teach you the creative skills and techniques to take away, for you to then create your own amazing cartoons that are full of ZOOM! BANG! ZAP! VROOM! POW! & WOW!

Cartoon Workshops in Schools…

We provide workshops for PRUs, SEN & Mainstream Schools.

Supporting creative education to all ages and abilities.

Smallbrook School, Shrewsbury

It was a pleasure to run a half day of workshops at Smallbrook School, part of Outcome First Group of specialist schools. The young people there immersed themselves in the classes and came up with loads of great drawings. Their ages ranged from 11 to 14 years so we worked the lessons suitably for their ages.

Smallbrook School Cartoon Workshop showing samples of drawings by the students
Bursley Academy, Bradwell, Newcastle, Staffs

For Bursley Academy we had the pleasure of running 5 cartoon workshops in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, to approximately 150+ children, split over two half days. The samples of work below are just a snippet of the great drawings the children created on the day.

Bursley Academy Cartoon School Workshop
Why is Drawing & Cartooning good for you?

Drawing and cartooning is firstly a relaxing activity, shown to reduce stress and increase endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Drawing helps children and adults communicate and express feelings, emotions and ideas.

By simply using pen or pencil and paper, the activity of cartooning engages various cognitives within the brain to improve the sense of; spatial awareness, attention to detail, proportions and composition, plus use of colours, tones, mono and linework.

Cartooning also improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills, working fingers and thumb muscles which inturn helps with writing and where other precision hand and observation skills are needed.

Often with drawing cartoons, you are drawing from what you have already seen and stored in your memory, mix that with imagination and you’ve taken your first steps to becoming a cartoonist!

Drawing can be extremely beneficial to your health and well-being, raising self-esteem and by developing a creative mindset, opens your view on life and appreciation of work by others.

Quick on the draw cartoons

Starting with simple shapes and working within the outerline, we will show how quickly characters can be created with a few flicks and dots of the pen.

You don’t always have to use lots of colour, with these head drawings we’ve made use of the solid background colour plus the white to give individuality to each character.

How to draw cartoon faces and colour techniques
Cartooning as a job...

Our workshops focus on teaching students how to effectively use cartoons to convey a message, a skill that is highly relevant in advertising and marketing. Cartoons are often incorporated into logos, making them an important aspect of branding.

We help students to capture emotions through their cartooning, while also honing their drawing skills for people, animals, plus everyday scenes and objects.

It is well documented that drawing helps children develop pre-writing skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, all of which are crucial for their overall growth and development.

There are so many opportunities to have a creative career. Just a snippet include; comic artist, book illustration, animator, cartooning for advertising, character design, colourist, storyboard illustrator.

Student feedback...

I never knew that cartooning could be so much fun! Chris teaches you how to bring your ideas to life with simple shapes, exaggerated features, and bold lines. He breaks down each step of the process into manageable chunks, so even if you’ve never drawn before, you’ll feel confident in your abilities by the end of the class.


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Other cartoon workshops we provide…

Community Group
Cartoon Workshops

If you’re after a workshop for people of all ages to get involved with, then Chris Altham’s cartoon workshops tick the box. He proves to those who say ‘I can’t draw’ that they infact can.

Health and Wellbeing Cartoon Workshops

Drawing, painting and certainly cartooning are all known for being a great way to relax and destress. These cartoon workshops can be taken at a pace that suites the group on the day.

Team Building Cartoon Workshops

Take those office doodles to a higher level. Great for destressing and for team building. Also learn valuable skills for flip chart and digital presentations that help tell a story and grab the attention.

Mouth cartoons

Mouth expression cartoons

Feet stance cartoon

Feet & stance cartoons

talking therapies cartoon

Wellbeing cartoons

NHS Walk Like a Pengiun Cartoon

#NHS health advice cartoons

Some of the clients Chris has worked for over the years.

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Unlock children’s creativity and boost their cognitive and artistic skills through engagement with our dynamic fun-filled cartoon workshops!

Keep in touch

If you’re not quite ready to book a cartoon workshop or to have cartoons generated for your next project, pop us an email and we’ll drop you a brief email from time to time to keep in touch.

The cost for booking an in-school cartoon workshop


1 Hour = £165

3 Hours = £300

Up to 5 Hours = £480

*Travel expenses may apply depending upon distance from our studio to your school, business, venue but these costs will be confirmed prior to any booking.

Talk to us about our online workshops.

Eyes cartoon
White dog with blue spots cartoon
teeth cartoon
Cartoon character running
Ginger cat cartoon
sleeve cartoon

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