Learn to draw cartoons with professional Stokie cartoonist Chris Altham (aka me!). The cartoon drawing lessons in Stoke and Newcastle are friendly and relaxed. In each drawing class you will gain loads of useful tips, workable ways of thinking creatively to express yourself through the gift of cartooning. Suitable for all ages and abilities!

Cartoon Drawing Lessons in Stoke
& Newcastle

Student feedback...

Chris and Irene create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, which makes it easier for people like myself to learn how to draw in this style. I particularly enjoyed their approach to teaching different techniques, like exaggeration, 3D, shading, composition and so much more. It’s amazing how these little tips can transform a simple drawing into one that really pops off the page.


Kids online cartoon class how to draw tuition
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Learn techniques, refine skills,
and bring your imagination to life!

Learn to Draw Cartoon Classes

Cartoon workshops drawing class – A small group for beginners to learn comic cartooning tips over two hours. See below for more details. Venues:

Bradwell Methodist Church
Tuesdays 10am – 12noon

Newcastle under Lyme, Staffsordshire.

Drawing Lessons in Stoke - East draw dog cartoon

Our cartoon drawing classes will illustrate the overal image plus the finer detail, the finiishing touches.

Drawing Lessons in Stoke - East draw dog cartoon

The drawing lessons will include shading and line thickness to bring your cartoon drawings to life.

How to draw a handshake cartoon
Drawing lessons in Stoke - cartoon facial expressions

Drawing Lessons in Stoke & Newcastle for Cartoon Illustration

Mouth cartoons

The mouth is as expressive as the eyes, so it’s good to try lots of variations that best suit the character you are drawing.

Learn to draw cartoons

Learn light source and shadows.

Cartoon of three characters depicting feelings

Learn the tools and techniques to help with expressing onesself.

Light box tracing one to one cartoon drawing tuition

Beginner classes are popular, suitable for all ages. Children benefit greatly from fine motor skills plus hand-eye coordination which lasts a life time.

learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Flat simple cartoon sketches are great but sometimes you want to add shape and form. This is a simple technique you can use on many things you illustrate.

learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Adding a sleeve can create that round form to an arm or leg etc.

learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Think of the arm and the sleeve as tubes.

learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Add colour and shadow to bring the cartoon to life even more.

‘Cartoon drawing class near me’ – keep intouch and uptodate with our onging daytime classes, plus evening and online tuition in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme, Stafforrdshire