UK Cartoonist Chris Altham

Cartooning for clients around the world since 1988

Buy & commission the best comic cartoons from Global Award Winning UK Cartoonist Chris Altham. Established in 1988 and working as a professional full time cartoonist ever since, Chris has been sketching & drawing thousands of amazing cartoon illustrations for clients that have earned him creative commissions from book publishers and for marketing & advertising campaigns around the world.

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House burglary cartoon for crime prevention

Cyber Security & Data Protection

House burglary cartoon for crime prevention

Crime Prevention Cartoons

About Me…

I’m Chris, a professional cartoonist based in the UK. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, drawing stick people in my mums cookery books pre-school, then doodling my way through countless school books. It was at this point the penny dropped, I was getting paid in chocolate for utilising my skills to complete art homeworks for class mates.

Four years at art college was my next step before starting my own business in 1988.

As a professional cartoonist, I absorb inspiration throughout each day; conversations, people watching, food packaging, TV ads and more, all spring ideas to mind that I try to jot down. Life experiences are often called upon plus fresh intensive listening to a client’s brief for my commercial work.

UK Cartoonist Chris Altham

I have a wealth of industry knowledge, providing print ready artwork in addition to handling the whole caboodle.

Student feedback...

I started to follow Chris on TikTok and was instantly hooked. Having signed up for a number of classes, I have learnt there is so much more to cartooning than I took thought. Working with others in the groups, Chris encourages us to also learn from, and inspire from each others work. Also, a hidden benefit has been to my wellbeing, I can immerse myself for hours.


Some of the clients I have worked for over the years.

Wellbeing logo aimed children and young peoples services
Zenergy graphic of girl meditating cartoon
News cartoons

Logo and Graphic Image Cartoons

Audion visual equipment faulty cartoon aimed at schools, colleges and universities

Audio Visual Equipment Cartoons

Audion visual equipment faulty cartoon aimed at schools, colleges and universities

Educational Cartoons

Vespa scooter cartoons for animated promotional video

Character Design for Cartoon Animation

School gardening club cartoon

Kids Cartoons

talking therapies cartoon

Talking Therapies Cartoons

group therapy peer support wellbeing cartoon for mental health and AA meeting cartoon

Mental Health & Wellbeing Cartoons

Hobby horse style victorian bicycle cartoon for history publication

History Cartoons

Chevron Cartoons

Oil & Gas Industry Cartoons

Chevron Oil and Gas Pipeline and Refinery LNG Cartoon
Iraq Oil History Cartoon
Off Shore Windfarm Energy Cartoon

Cartoon for gas and oil maps have been created for the likes of Chevron, TOTAL Energies, Petro SA, Qatar Energy LNG, SHELL. Printed materials were used at OPEC conferences over a number of years.

Oil and Gas Industry Cartoons Chevron Total Qatar Gas Petro SA
Iraq Oil Processing and Products Cartoon
Home energy cartoon strip
Cartoon Workshops Character Logo
tiktok logo

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If you’re not quite ready to book a cartoon workshop or have cartoons generated for your next project, pop us an email and we’ll drop you a brief email from time to time to keep in touch.