How to Draw Cartoons

How to draw cartoons with easy to follow step by step tuition from Award Winning UK cartoonist Chris Altham (aka me). By joining my cartoon workshop drawing classes you will learn loads of great cartooning tips in a relaxed and friendly fun environment. I believe everyone can draw, so join in, draw from my experience and bring your cartoons to life!

How to draw cartoon character turning around

How to draw a character turning around.

Easy to draw snoozy cat cartoon

Easy to draw cartoon cat having a snooze.

Stick people cartoons illustrating how to draw walking, running

Drawing Stick People helps you understand the skeleton framework to then build up from.

Mouth cartoons illustrating many different expressions

Mouth experssions are a big part of portraying a character, view these for loads of ideas.

Drawing handshakes is quite tricky for most beginners. But if you follow this easy step by step tutorial you’ll soon get to ‘grips’ with it. For four fingered hands, simply slim the fingers down to fit the extra one.

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Easy to follow step by step cartoon tutorials for all ages and abilities!

How to draw a handshake cartoon
How to draw a handshake cartoon
How to draw a handshake cartoon
How to draw a handshake cartoon
How to draw a handshake cartoon
How to draw a handshake cartoon
Sausage fingers drawing tutorial
Sausage fingers drawing tutorial
Sausage fingers drawing tutorial

Think of fingers (and toes) as sausages when drawing, each has a similar thickness and sit side by side. Remember to curve the tips but keep the top inline where the fingers join the hand.

how to draw cartoons

A 360 degree view of a characters head and shoulders. Notice the shading at the front and side of the head as the chin and jaw line overhang the neck but no shading at the back of the head.

How to draw a dog chasing a cat cartoon

To emphasise the dog chasing after the cat, I have elongated the body shape and added the movement lines. Notice the dogs tongue looks like it’s being dragged along with the speed.

How to draw different shading techniques

There are so many different ways to shade, here are just some of those. Practising these techniques also helps with the light and shade and strength achieved with the use of the pencil.

Mouth cartoons

Mouth expression cartoons

Feet stance cartoon

Feet & stance cartoons

talking therapies cartoon

Wellbeing cartoons

NHS Walk Like a Pengiun Cartoon

#NHS health advice cartoons

Spider cartoon
stickmen stick people cartoon
faces expressions cartoon
learn to draw cartoons - quick tips

Learn to Draw Cartoon Classes

Cartoon workshops drawing class – A small group for beginners to learn comic cartooning tips over two hours.

Bradwell Methodist Church
Tuesdays 10am – 12noon

Newcastle under Lyme, Staffsordshire.

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