Benefits and Useful Info

One hour of cartooning can last a lifetime!

One of the best ways for children to express themselves is through the art of drawing. The aim of the cartoon workshops is to; promote encouragement, nurture creative thinking plus build self-esteem and self-confidence that flows seamlessly into other areas of home and school life for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Size

Generally we can cater for up to 30 children at a time but if your’s is a bit over, that’s certainly not a problem.



All that is needed is A4 copier paper and a mix of coloured pencils. What ever is easiest for you for us to use is fine, flipchart, digiboard, even paper bluetacked to a noticeboard.


Workshop Duration

Cartoon workshops can run throughout the day and be broken down into hour long classes or whatever suites you best.

Cartooning Tips to Takeaway

After a short introduction, for the next hour Chris & Irene will show the class many easy to follow techniques for cartooning, such as how to draw expressions and convey emotions, how to add all of those little extras to illustrate movement and 3D form to bring their cartoons to life and jump out from the page!

Benefits to Children’s Learning


Drawing and writing go ‘hand in hand’. One sparks interest in the other and ultimately benefits a childs reading development.

Cognitive Skills

Develop fine motor skills, the smaller muscles in the hands and fingers, essential for writing, drawing & other precision work.

Art Benefits

Improves; communication skills, creativity, emotional inteligence, memory, problem solving, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination.

Critical Thinking

Personal development & problem solving skills that emerge from uninterrupted sketching can be applied to everyday occurrences.

Benefits to the school with booking a cartoon workshop

Highly cost effective tuition per child as classes of up to 30 children can be accomodated.

Learning is condensed and easy to follow with plenty to take away for each child to use in other subjects and at home.

Book A Cartoon Workshop

Book a cartoon workshop for your school, community group or wellbeing art class. We specialise in school cartoon workshops in & around Stoke, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire, England.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you soon. Thanks Chris & Irene.

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The cost for booking a cartoon workshop


1 Hour = £165

3 Hours = £300

Up to 5 Hours = £480

*Travel expenses may apply depending upon distance from our studio to your school, business, venue but these costs will be confirmed prior to any booking.

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