About UK Cartoonist Chris Altham

Dive into the world of cartoons with UK Cartoonist Chris Altham. With a passion for drawing since childhood, Chris has honed his skills to become a talented cartoonist, graphic designer, and all-around creative. From global cancer campaigns to educational maps, Chris’ cartoons have made a lasting impact on various projects.

Chris and his wife Irene run fun, exciting and interactive cartoon drawing classes, where children can explore their creativity. With years of experience and published works, Chris is dedicated to passing on his tips and enthusiasm to the next generation of budding cartoonists. Stay connected with us and receive updates on cartoon workshops and projects by dropping us an email. Let’s learn how to draw the best cartoons together!

‘I began cartooning from a very early age, copying and tracing comics, paying close attention to how the illustrator had drawn hands, created movement, action and composition. This was exactly how I begand to teach myself how to draw which lead to me cartooning full-time for my career.’

  • I'm self taught and enjoy a great career
  • I now want to pass those skills over to you!

Irene and Chris pic

Irene and Chris run the workshops

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Chris originally set out as a cartoonist before becoming a graphic designer and an all round creative within the advertising field. Convincing businesses to use cartoons was a challenge back in the 80’s but that work paid off as he became a prominent UK cartoonist and this art form is now a major front to many successful campaigns.

Cartoon projects have included Award Winning Global Cancer Campaigns for global advertising agency Ketchum, numerous oil and gas educational maps for OPEC conferences for the likes of TOTAL, Qatar Gas, Petro SA, plus long running mental health awareness campaigns, advertising for sport and leisure promotions to name but a few.

Each cartoon drawing class is a fun, structured, exciting and inclusive way for children to explore their own creativity with the help and guidance from myself and my wife Irene. There is lots of interaction so the children are very much part of the workshop.

In addition to my commercial work as a cartoonist, I also have vast experience as a graphic and web designer at thinkblink.co.uk. My drawings have also been published in books on ‘How to Draw Cartoons’ in addition to educational and story books for the likes of Hodder Gibson Publishers, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. Here’s an extract from ‘Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens‘ working with world renowned author Karl Shaw.

“It is as a privilege for us to pass on tips, ideas and our enthusiam to budding cartoonists of all ages and abilities.


Light box tracing one to one cartoon drawing tuition

121 cartoon drawing tuition

Inspiration from an evening walk. I had to jot it down, even if it was on a flight back from Austria at the time. Drawn on ipad in Procreate.

Late night dog walk cartoon, dog has a cone over it's head, lady is concerned for the dog
Late night dog walk pic two. Walker pulls dogs lead and cone lights up as a lamp shade. Cartoon

Some of the clients Chris has worked for over the years.

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